Marilyn Monroe

NATIONALENQUIRER.COM – “I know that I will never be happy,” said Marilyn Monroe, “but I know that I can be gay!” That statement was backed up by Marilyn’s very close pal Peter Lawford, who helped the screen legend negotiate her way through her wild romances with John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert. Peter also revealed that he occasionally helped Marilyn enjoy wild lesbian romances, too. In the years since Marilyn’s tragic death in 1962 at the age of 36, The National ENQUIRER has pieced together plenty of Marilyn’s romantic conquests of the same-sex variety!

Shortly before his death in 1984, Lawford (pictured here with brother-in-law Robert Kennedy) said: “Monroe’s true orientation was toward women. Her three marriages disguised her real sexual identity. Her relationship with the Kennedys was as much about power and influence as it was about sex. With women, the affairs were more about sex and love.”

On audio tapes made for her psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson — who later became one of the star’s lovers — Marilyn confessed to sexual encounters with Barbara Stanwyck, Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford. On a tape made public after the doctor’s 1979 death by former L.A. County Prosecutor John Miner, Monroe revealed: “We went to Joan’s bedroom. Crawford had a gigantic orgasm and shrieked like a maniac. Next time I saw her, she wanted another round … and I turned her down.”

Close confidante Lawford, who acted as a go-between for the married Kennedys and the blonde, revealed: “Marilyn decided not to have a long affair with Crawford because she didn’t trust Joan, who could be cruel and demanding and hated being shown up by another woman. Marilyn made the right decision. Joan became particularly spiteful after Marilyn refused to go to bed with her again.”

Not every Hollywood starlet was so eager to fall into bed in Marilyn. Back in 1953, Betty Grable and Marilyn were both hot properties in Hollywood. (They’re pictured here with Lauren Bacall in 1953’s “How to Marry a Millionaire.”) Monroe tried to seduce Grable, but was rejected! Betty later went public about Marilyn’s love for women, and said that Marilyn essentially stalked her — and the star’s relentless pursuit was “sometimes scary!”

But Marilyn did find true love in the arms of a woman, said Lawford. Acting coaches Paula Strasberg and Natasha Lytess (pictured) swept the young blonde off her feet. In 1950, Marilyn shacked up with Natasha — who, said Lawford, “gave her the kind of love she desperately needed, and didn’t get from men!”

Marilyn also told her close friend Ted Jordan that she was romantically involved with Natasha. “Why not?” she shrugged. “Sex is something you do with people you love. What could be wrong with a natural act?”

The “Some Like It Hot” legend also chased after 16-year-old Jane Lawrence, who ran her fan club. Marilyn’s seduction of the cute young thing was carefully rehearsed. Marilyn, then 29, invited Jane to her apartment to help with some domestic chores.

But it turned out that the fan-club president was no stranger to lesbian advances. Jane later said: “With the other girls, there was often a shyness and hesitancy — not the hunger and confidence Marilyn displayed!”

With men, however, Marilyn never took charge! She portrayed her bedroom encounters with JFK as “a soldier doing her duty for America’s commander in chief. He says, ‘You do this’ — you do it. He says, ‘Do that,’ and you do that. I have done some of my best acting convincing partners that I was in the throes of ecstasy!”

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CELEBRIFIC.COM – With all of the benefits celebrities seem to enjoy, it can be hard to remember they are still human; and like other humans, they still suffer with some of the same struggles, including insecurities stemming from abuse. While Ke$ha is currently embroiled in her legal battles against producer, Dr. Luke, there are plenty of other celebrities who have already overcome abuse and gone on to lead incredible lives.

Marilyn Monroe
Ahead of her time in more ways than one, Monroe was one of the first people to speak openly about her past abuses. Born in the charity ward of Los Angeles’ general hospital, Marilyn became a longtime tenant of the foster system. With frequent abuse from various men in her life, it may be surprising that Monroe became such a sex symbol; but her closed-off emotions and physical relations with her three husbands, demonstrate the long-term harm the abuse had on her life and relationships.

In what was, arguably, the most publicized domestic violence case of celebrities, Rihanna found herself brutally beaten by then-boyfriend, rapper Chris Brown. With a swollen and bruised face following the incident, it is no surprise she chose to stay out of the limelight for a short time. Rihanna has since returned to the music industry and has found great success in spite of this abuse.

Charlize Theron
Before you start complaining about your home life, take a gander at the growing up Charlize Theron had to do. With a violently, alcoholic father, Theron’s home life was a constant battle of threats and violence. He threatened on more than one occasion to kill the entire family while intoxicated. When the breaking point arrived, he came home intoxicated and aggressive and Theron’s mother killed him out of self-defense.

Following this tragedy in her youth, Theron was also raped in her home country of South Africa. Although the South African government tried to cover up this incident, Theron worked hard to gain justice for herself. Perhaps this troubled past made romantic relationships difficult for Theron, as neither of her partnerships have been lasting, but she does have two beautiful children that bring hope to her life.

Drew Barrymore
Unfortunately, in many situations, abuse can only open the door for more abuse and a broken cycle of expectations and tolerance. For Drew Barrymore, the abuse and neglect she received from her father as a child put her in a dangerous position for other introductions. She experienced drugs, sex and alcohol at a young age, but has since risen above the challenge. In spite of her father’s actions and mistakes against her, she has become very successful in the film industry.

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CNN – Even as icons go, there are few as exalted, as scrutinized as Marilyn Monroe.

A new exhibition, Marilyn: Celebrating an American Icon, is now showing at the Murray Art Museum Australia (MAMA), featuring over 100 pieces of art inspired by the late actress. It spans works created by Monroe’s famous peers — Cecil Beaton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Milton H. Greene and Andy Warhol, to name a few — and from modern creatives who have taken Monroe as muse.

“The bulk of the body of work [shown] is actually created after her life,” said MAMA curator Bianca Acimovic. “Although she was very influential during her day, that hasn’t dwindled and, in fact, it has only grown.”

Although the show began in Brazil and made various stop across the U.S. before landing in Australia — its only stop in the Southern Hemisphere — it’s picked up some local flavor with the addition of works from Australian talent including pop artist Richard Larter and fashion designer Jenni Kee, who created a Monroe-inspired costume to feature in the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

“Two-thirds are drawn from collections overseas — the Americas, Germany and the UK — but it’s also built on works from Australian collections that haven’t been seen in this context.”

The exhibition is on display at the MAMA until 8 May 2016 before moving to its final stop at the Citadelle Art Foundation in Texas this fall.

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BUSTLE.COM – It’s common for celebrities to show up on Super Bowl commercials. What’s not so common is when the cameos involve celebrities that have long since been deceased. And yet, that’s exactly what’s happened in the 2016 Snickers Super Bowl ad, which just so happens to star Willem Dafoe and the late actress Marilyn Monroe. While reenacting the iconic subway grate scene from The Seven Year Itch, Dafoe (as The Girl) proved to be quite the diva and started snapping at everyone on set. That is, until he had a bite of a Snickers bar, which instantly transformed him back into the lovely Miss Monroe who claimed to feel “much better” now that her hunger had been quenched. And while it’s definitely an entertaining clip, it made me extremely curious to know how the Marilyn Monroe Snickers Super Bowl ad was made.

Now, let me start right off by saying that I do not consider myself a digital expert by any means. However, considering that this commercial is very reminiscent to the one involving The Brady Bunch Snickers ad from last year starring Danny Trejo — which found the actor eventually morphing back into Marcia Brady — I figured the process would be relatively similar. And thankfully, Nathan Kane, the digital mastermind behind the ordeal, has since opened up about how he accomplished such a feat, which not only involved rebuilding the famous set, but also using digital mouth replacements — most of which, I imagine, had to be done for Monroe’s cameo as well.

According to, Kane explained how he had lined up stand-in actors “in the exact same position” as their original Brady Bunch counterparts. “We shot them against green screen with their head locked in position as much as we could – they had a head rest to lean against so they wouldn’t move their head as much.” This was footage that they later re-projected back onto each character’s own mouths, hence how it looks as though they are the ones actually saying the words…

Of course, there’s a lot more to do it than this, but I doubt you want me to go into that much detail about it. (Like I could even if you did.) But it does help to give you a general idea of how this digital magic for Monroe most likely came to be. It’s incredible what technology allows people to do these days and further proves that even when we lose someone, they’re never truly gone for good.

And just in case you’re interested, here is the original clip from that historic Monroe scene. Just try comparing the two Monroes against each other and see if you can tell a difference. It’s harder than you might think, thereby making it all the more impressive.

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IRISHEXAMINER.COM – Had Marilyn Monroe lived, she would be 90 this year. As a new exhibition of rare photos opens, Suzanne Harrington looks back at her life and legacy – and imagines the star as a 90 year old.

Had Marilyn Monroe lived, she would be 90 this year. But had she lived, would her image still shine quite so brightly in the public consciousness?

Or, over half a century after her death, does she remain a goddess within popular culture simply because she never got old, tired, or ordinary?

When beauty we can see but can never touch — and onto which we transpose our own desires — dies young, it stays with us.

Our culture is a graveyard of the young, dead and beautiful, to whom we erect permanent shrines: Marilyn, James Dean, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain.

From Cleopatra to Princess Diana, history is full of beauty dead in its prime.

Marilyn is one of the most enduring.

She may have died in August 1962, yet she still remains the subject of regular books and exhibitions — the latest is a series of rarely seen photographs being shown at Chelsea’s Little Black Gallery in London, by two photographers whose lives were changed by their connection with her.

heir images show a kind of gorgeousness that can still stop us dead.

She remains frozen in time, her perfectly created look untouched and untarnished — put “what if Marilyn had lived” into Google images and see the CGI imaginings of what elderly Marilyn might look like.

It feels voyeuristic and a bit tawdry, a bit Baby Jane, because we are so conditioned against accepting ageing in women, especially beautiful women.

We still don’t like it when goddesses turn out to be mortal and middle aged, or — heaven forbid — elderly, which is why Hollywood remains the most sexist, ageist job market on Earth.

In terms of truly preserving her looks, the only option Marilyn ever had was to die young.

She duly obliged, with a barbituates overdose, leading to decades of rumour and conspiracy that she was not a suicide, but a homicide.

That she had been terminally silenced by sinister forces.

Conversely, there are even crazier theories that she is, like Elvis, still alive and living in obscurity — one particularly fanciful idea suggested she had relocated to a sheep farm in Australia — as a farmer’s wife.

Which is as likely as Elvis working down the chip shop.

There was even a television mini-series on how her life may have panned out had she survived — and had JFK, with whom she had that infamous liaison, survived his assassination.

There are many imagined different outcomes for Marilyn. What if she had survived her overdose?

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