Five Tips for Special Event Photography

Photographing in a well-lit place is not difficult, but when you are in a place where lighting is so great, it can be difficult to take pictures that will be fine. Here are some tips to help you prepare and take the picture a bit more easily happen. Read more.

No. 1 Dress Up
For post-production, you can put on an outfit you like. However, for a special event, you should go for a dress that will help you mix well. We do not mean that you have to wear a suit and tie at all times. For a very important event, men should opt for a jacket and a tie. On the other hand, women should choose a jacket, if necessary.

No. 2 Take pictures of the pre-event
It’s a good idea to take some pictures before the event. In fact, the event planner will thank you for capturing those shots before the guests. The shots beautify your wallet and help them get more customers along the way. In return, you can recommend to their customers. Therefore, it will be a win-win agreement for both.

No. 3 Do not repeatedly
If you are taking pictures for a special event, note that participants must have a great time. Although it is not a bad idea to take pictures of people, be careful not to take pictures of the same group of participants and more. This bothers you and you can end up ruining your mood. Therefore, it is not a good idea to keep taking pictures even when it is not necessary.

No. 4 Be quick
If you find yourself in a candid or round table, keep in mind that you will do the job yourself. Therefore, when you are busy shooting candids, you should be ready to take pictures quickly, without wasting time or wasting time, participants.

A good tip is to use the long focus when recording an important discussion. While close-ups through a wide-angle lens will come out great, be careful and take the shots properly.

No. 5 Modify and give quickly
No matter how much you take pictures, they end up eliminating a lot of them. In general, it was not because the shots were bad. Is it because some images were similar. What you should consider is that your customers just need the cream of the cream. , So you should not be afraid to take a lot of shots or remove a lot of them.

Once you have a collection of the best photos, you should use your app to edit and enhance the photos. The great thing about business events is that you need to keep everything consistent. Apart from this, you can process batch images without problems. Hopefully these tips for you.

5 Best Places to Mount Your Action Camera

An action camera is usually lightweight and has an impermeable surface. The gadget is known for its robust performance. Users can install these gadgets almost everywhere and everywhere. It helps photographers and sports fans to capture the best epic footage. The product can capture videos and photos. Continue reading for the top 5 places to mount an action camera for video and pictures of the best extreme angles.

The top of the helmet: This is one of the best places to put this device. Motorcyclists and cyclists use this place to mount this gadget.


1. Pure Feeling POV
2. The vibration of the motorcycle does not affect performance


1. High-speed wind can affect performance
2. You can attract unwanted attention
3. The head may feel heavy

Better fire: Knights of the group of sequences.

On the hull side: This is one of the best places for cyclists to place the cameras into action. You can help users to capture side views.


1. Very close to the sensation of POV
2. Do not attract unwanted attention


1. It can affect the balance of the driver
2. You only get one shot side

It is better to shoot: side views.

In executive cyclists or handlebars and motorists can use this place to mount the camera.


1. No extra weight on the pilot
2. stable and secure location


1. Jello Effect: Bike vibration can affect the quality of images and video
2. Sometimes it can block the windscreen. It depends on the design of your bike

Better to shoot: Front view, view of the road.

Cursors or spindles of passengers or accident bars: These positions are only applicable to motorists.


1. Stable position
2. single angle to pull


1. The images cover only the side view
2. Typical point of view

It is better to shoot: The road from an angle.

Of the motorcycle tail section: This is the best position to get a view from the rear.


1. Stable area for mounting
2. Viewers can see the position of the pilot’s body


1. Users need a wide-angle wide-angle camera to capture the full view

Better to shoot: The position of the pilot’s body.

The last words:

So, these are the top 5 places where users can set their action cameras. It will help you capture the best sporting moments from several unique angles. Users can try to capture photos and videos to create a defined experience.