Learn to Play the Electric Guitar – 5 Tips to Become a Guitar God

Want to learn electric guitar, huh? Is it because your favorite rock star looks so good on stage? It is the prestige and confidence that comes from being able to say, “Yes, I play the guitar” friends? Or maybe you just want to challenge the learning to play music in an extremely versatile tool.

Whatever the reason to start, there are 5 things that are essential for anyone to pick up the guitar for the first time.

1. An electric guitar!

OK, a little obvious, but learn to play this instrument really need an electric guitar to practice. No, Guitar Hero guitar does not count!

You can get a decent guitar for a few dollars in a music store. Brand, quality and price will depend on the severity of a player you want to be and the style of music you want to play.

2. Amplifier

Think of a guitar and an amplifier as a married couple. The right pair will be able to enhance the strengths of each, while the pair amplify false (pun intended) its weakness.

For example, if you are a metallic head and want metallica rock sounds, then a Mesa Boogie amp coupled with an ESP LTD guitar is a nice game. Playing a single Fender Stratocaster coil through a Mesa boogie amp waits for same thing? It will not happen.

3. Metronome

A metronome is a device that helps you stay in time by an audible “click” at different speeds. It is very obvious when a guitar player who has not practiced with a metronome and using a sensation that really separates into grass and professional.

If you really want to learn electric guitar, a metronome is a must. Drummers are not the only ones who need to be able to keep a steady pace!

4. Picks

A pick is a small triangular piece of plastic (but there are also metallic points) held between the fingers of the scraping hand and is used to strike the strings so that they can make a sound.

There are different thicknesses for different styles of play. You can try different widths and marks until you find the type you want.

5. guitar teacher

Last but not least, it is to find a good guitar teacher. I am “self-taught” for two years before starting to take lessons and I learned more in two months with my teacher what I was two years old myself. Yes, there are incredible musicians out there who are self-taught and learned by ear. But these people are the exception.

A good teacher is able to notice things that might not be aware of their game and that can help you greatly improve the learning curve. As the saying goes: “You can not see the picture when you are under. ”

As with any new skill, learning how to play the electric guitar will take time and patience. I just know this is an incredibly rewarding trip and all you have to do is start!

Big mistake – learning by reading a book was horrible because I had no point of reference, only a few chord pictures. I did not know if my fingers were positioned correctly or if the sound was right. You are much better to buy a DVD or join one of the online guitar lessons so you can see what the hell to do.

Practical practice practice

Yes, I know you hear all the time, “if you want to learn to play the electric guitar, you must practice! And practice is not fun – just wish you can take the guitar and start playing. But it is difficult my friend.

Do you think Angus Young, Joe Satriani and Eddie Van Halen one day, he took the guitar, learned a few chords and became a rock star?

No, it did not happen.

You have to reserve time almost every day to practice to get the chord and fingers working. The more you practice, the more you will become a god of the guitar.

Play with songs

Once you get the basic chords down and handy where you can move from one chord to another smoothly, start playing with your favorite songs. Get jam tracks to play along.

This way, 1), you will get better and better, and 2) will have a heck of a lot more fun. It really starts learning how to play the electric guitar at an acceleration once it starts to interfere with some rhythmic pieces.

After these three things, the sky is really the limit, because you can start learning hammers, pull-offs, fold and compress harmonics (whether you’re in rock or metal) or can learn some collection techniques Data and work on their speed for a gentle sound and rocking.


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