3 Tattoo Removal Methods which Have Tried and Their Cost – Tattoo Off Tattoo Removal

When he spends money to tattoo himself, he knows there is a reason. You know that every piece of art you’ve done on your body makes a very powerful statement in the world about who you are. You might think that you want to make that kind of affirmation for the rest of your life, but for some people this is not true along the way. You could be bored with a specific design and want to remove it or you want to re-create art from scratch, having to remove your original artwork. This is when you will need some reliable options to get rid of tattoos. What types of tattoo removal options exist?

1. Tattoo Removal Cream – I thought maybe if the acid shell did not work I would go with one of the largest companies specializing in tattoo removal at home. I went to the site and bought a shiny glossy package. I followed all the instructions not burn or injured. The cost was pretty high since I did not see the results.

Results: Fail
Cost: $178

2. Acid Peel – I started looking for tattoo removal online and found acid peels. This is also a procedure that can be done by a professional. I bought a bottle of acid off eBay that came with instructions for tattoo removal and face peeling. I followed all the instructions and applied acid to my fingers. It burned very badly and turned the surface of my white fingers. The next day, the white area in covered and isolated tattoos. After a week, he was completely cured, but the tattoos looked essentially the same. In the following month I tried several times peeling with acid that violated the instructions and made very strong treatments. The pain increased, the results were slightly better.

Results: Sort Of Worked
Cost: $28


3. Laser Tattoo Removal – After being very unhappy with all my results, I decided to bite the bullet and get the laser tattoo removal. The cost of laser removal apparently dropped slightly, as it was valued at just $ 50 dollars per square inch, a year earlier quoted three times. Tattoos on my fingers, with about three inches combined, then the cost was $ 150 per treatment. The first session was very painful, with post-treatment even more painful. The second session was just as painful and the third session was even worse. The results were amazing tattoos to my lowest missing figures and other tattoos are left faded. The pain factor is out of the charts and the cost is a bit high if more treatments are needed. The results of the laser tattoo removal are amazing (see photos) and it costs the cost.

Results: Amazing
Cost: $450

The amount of time needed to remove a tattoo is based on a number of factors – the most relevant of which are:
• Age of the tattoo
• Health of the client
• Colors in the tattoo
• Location of the tattoo
• Technology

Generally, the more your tattoo is to your heart, the faster (less treatments) will be clarified. Colors add time because some colors are more difficult to break than others. Customer’s health determines how your lymphatic system is producing fragmented ink.

Determining factors can be summarized into two categories, each accounting for approximately 50 percent of the time that it will take to remove a tattoo: 1) technology, and 2) the client and the actual tattoo (location, health, color etc.).